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      Abstract: Fixed multiple bugs and problems and inserted some smaller improvements. We strongly recommend to update all installations, because there were some functional malfunctions that are fixed now.


      – The variable myip in passwords.py.example is now a list, no more a string. So different addresses for one CAM-AI server are now possible. Changed cam-ai-setup.py accordingly.
      – Activated Daphne-debugging bx default.
      – Added our own version of whatsmyip.com to the CAM-AI server. Thats handy when setting up other servers on DynDNS connections (ddclient for example).
      – Fixed the problem that under special circumstances the server would stop creating events.
      – Made the version number systems more consistent. Now the complete version number (including the eventual trailing letter) is displayed and used.
      – Added a spinner signal to the server upgrade.
      – Eliminated hanging when Raspi started training.
      – Copying images to archive did not work. Now it does. Also with crypted images.
      – Fixing a couple of minor bugs and frictions.


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      • This topic was modified 1 week, 6 days ago by ludger.
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