Foto von Ludger Hellerhoff

Ludger Hellerhoff
Founder & Developer

  • Founded his inaugural software company in 1990.
  • Since then, active owner and manager in various IT startups.
  • Currently excelling in collaborative development of cutting-edge AI applications with a dynamic & expanding open-source community.
Foto von Leonie Hellerhoff

Leonie Hellerhoff
Public Relations & Marketing

  • Six years of experience in project management.
  • Currently making a significant impact at a digitalization-focused consulting firm.
  • Business Administration graduate with a focus on Digital Business and Technology & Innovation.
Foto von Sebastian Metzger

Sebastian Metzger
Finance & Sales

  • Ten years of industry and consulting experience in Financial Controlling and Sales.
  • Successfully launched his first e-commerce brand in 2019.
  • Graduated in Finance and Mechanical Engineering.

David Hellerhoff

  • Python and HTML enthusiast.
  • Five years of HTML programming experience.

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