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      Most important improvements:

      After massively improving the AI speed in v1.3.7 we were not happy with the performance on Raspi 4 and 5. This release takes care of that. Please not that for proper operation of the Raspi servers in some special cases you might want change part of the camera configuration (see below).


      Some minor fixings and streamlining…

      Changes in usage:

      Some cameras (Reolink E1 Zoom for example says 25 bps, whatever you have configured) signal higher frame rates to the software than they can supply.  We have added 2 new items to the camera settings screen to prevent the our servers (especially the Raspi) from getting too much workload from the camera stream:

      • “Filter identical features” eleminates sequences of identical images before feeding the motion detection.
      • “Video FPS limit” reduces the frame rate of the videos we record. This feature also consumes CPU performance. So, think twice before connecting a Reolink E1 Zoom to a Raspi…

      New features in camera menu

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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